MglSoft Meet Manager
Gala Recording Module



The Gala Recording Module is used to record the results of an Inter-Team competition and includes the following facilities

System Requirements

Gala Recording Database

The heart of the system is the Gala Recording Database (gala_record.mdb). An empty Gala Recording Database is installed in the same directory as the Gala Recording Module. This may be copied or moved to another location if required.

The Gala Recording Database is normally on the same PC as the Gala Recording Module. However, this is not a requirement of the system. The database may be on any PC on the network that is accessible to the Gala Recording Module.

Before using this module, it is necessary to understand the information that the system operates on. The following diagram illustrates the data model used:

Each Meet Type is defines by a Gala Name record on the database. A Meet Type is characterised  by the programme of events that comprise it. If two competitions have the same programme of events, then they can be defined by the same meet type. (e.g. Rounds of the Speedo League). Conversely, if different rounds of a competition have different programmes, then each round must be declared as different Meet Type. A Meet Type is identified using a unique Meet Code.

A list of Events is defines for each Meet Type. The collected list of events comprises the Gala Programme.

One single Meet Type may be used on many different occasions. Each time that it is used, a Gala Instance, identified by the Gala Date is defined.

Every time that the competition takes place, Teams are defines and record created for every Swim.

Operating the Gala Recording Module

Before starting the competition, the following decisions need to be made:

Load the Gala Recording Module by clicking on the GalaRecorder icon (or by location the Gala Recording Module via the Windows Start menu):

The introductory screen is displayed:

The Gala Recording module remembers information from the last time that is was run. If the Gala Recording Database filename is incorrect, either click on the Browse button to locate the file, or type the filename in directly to the filename box.

To proceed to the next step, click on the Enter button. To end the program, click on the Exit button.

The next screen sets up information about the competition.

First of all select the Meet Code from the pull down box in the Meet Details section of the screen. If the Meet Code has not yet been set-up, click on the Add New button to add details of the Meet.

When a Meet Code has been selected, the box to the right will display details of the meet. If the list of events for the competition has not yet been set-up it is necessary to do so by clicking on the Create/Amend Programe button, before the recording can start.

Next select the Gala Date of this running of the competition from the pull down box in the Gala Details section of the screen. If the date has not yet been set-up, click on the Add New button to add details of this running of the competition.

Once the date has been selected, details will be displayed in the box on the right of the screen. If no teams have been set-up, it is necessary to do so byu clicking on the Enter Teams button. [This can only be done once the lane draw has taken place].

If the Announcer Module is to be used, make sure that the box in the Announcer System section of the screen is checked and that the name of the Announcer Database is correct. If not, click on the Browse button to locate the Announcer Database, or type the filename directly in to the filename box.

If the system is online to OMEGA electronic timing, make sure that the box in the Online Timing section of the screen is checked and that the name of the Online Time Database is correct. If not, click on the Browse button to locate the Online Times Database, or type the filename directly in to the filename box.

Make sure that Online Results Code is the same as that entered into the Data Capture Module when that was loaded.

To proceed, click on the Record Results button. If information has already been recorded for this competition, you will be asked to confirm that you want to add results to the existing ones.

To terminate the program, click on the Exit button.


Creating/Amending the Gala Programme

The picture below illustrates the screen for creating/amending the gala programme.

On loading, this screen will contain the programme for the current competition, or will be blank if no events have yet been set-up.

For each event set up the following information:

Event No   The number to be allocated to the event. Results are presented in event number sequence
Sex/Age   This is simply printed out. There are no rules on how it is defined
Distance   Enter the distance. Do NOT Include the unit. So 50, rather than 50m
Stroke   Use the following abbreviations:
FS: Freestyle, BK: Backstroke, BR: Breaststroke, FLY: Butterfly, MED: Medley
Add R for a relay (e.g. FSR, MEDR)
Limit Time   Only needed for a graded gala. Swimmers who record a time faster than the limit time get no points
Scoring   Various codes here for variations on standard scoring. Currently the only one recognised is 2X for double points.

Once all required information has been entered for an event, click on the Add button (or simply press the Enter key) to add the event to the list.

There is not amend option. To amend an existing event delete it and then insert the corrected version.

To delete an event, click on it in the list of events and then click on  the Delete button.

To insert an event, click on the event before which it is to be inserted in the list of events, make sure that the information is correct and then click on the Insert button.


When all events have been entered, click on Save to save the revised programme of events to the database.

To exit this phase of the program, click on the Exit box. Warning: This does not currently save the revised programme, nor does it generate any kind of warning if changes have not been saved. [This will be addressed in a future version of the Module.

Entering Team Names

Before defining the names of the competing teams, you will be asked to define

  1. How many lanes in the pool?

  2. How many heats per event? [This allows for a competition with more teams than there are lanes in the pool]

Then for each heat in turn you will be asked to define the teams:

Enter the names of teams. If there is no team, or the team in that lane is non-scoring click on the appropriate box and then click on the Done button.

With the current version, please do not use the & character in team names. That causes some problems on output to the Web.


Recording Gala Results

The main gala recording screen is shown below. Immediately after entering this part of the system, details of event 1 are displayed. If results have already been recorded for this event, they are displayed.

Enter/Capture the Times

If you are operating on-line to electronic timing, click on the Get Online Times button to retrieve the times from the Online Times Database. You may overwrite any times that are wrong (if for example the referee asks for a backup time to be used). If you chance a time, make sure that the BU box is checked (so that the announcer gets a message to announce the official time).

If you are not operating on-line, enter the times into the boxes in the grid. There is no need to enter positions, they are calculated automatically. Times may be entered in any of the following formats:

ss is the number of seconds (if greater than 60 it is converted to the appropriate number of minutes and seconds)
mm is the number of minutes
99 is the hundredths of a secong

Non significant figures may be omitted. For example:

If there is a disqualification (or no swimmer):

Check the positions

If times are not identical and positions are different to those from the referee, refer back to the referee.
If times are identical, you can change positions in the position column. Just use the number for the position, don't put in an = for equal placings.

If there are equal positions, check whether the competition conditions require averaging of points. if so, overwrite the points with the averaged points for the positions concerned (using decimals rather than fractions).

At the end of each event

There are a number of options available.

Move on to the next event by clicking on the Next Event button, or by typing the number of the next event in the Event Number box and pressing TAB.

If there were any disqualifications or backup times inserted by the referee and the Announcer Module is in use, the appropriate information is sent to the Announcer's Console as soon as the event number changes.

At the end of the competition

Once the competition is complete, there are a number of reporting options available.

There are features to produce full results in HTML format for posting to a Web site. (This is currently a bit primitive and will be tidied up in a future version of the program).

If the competition is licensed by the ASA, you may create the files required for submission to the ASA Rankings system by selecting ASA Ranking Files from the Export menu.

When the competition is complete, simply press the Exit button. There is no need to press the Save button first. [In fact, there is no need to use the Save button at any time; results are saved every time that the event number changes. This button will be removed in a future version].

Additional Information

There is provision for input of additional information, either to support the needs of ASA rankings, for provision to the announcer or simply to enhance reports.

Chief Timekeeper Sheets

If required, you can print Chief Timekeeper Sheets by selecting Chief TK Sheets from the Print menu.
This will create sheets for 1 heat of each event. If there are multiple heats, select this option multiple times.