Bournemouth 1976 - Family Holiday
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Cathy sitting in her buggy, cocooned in a waterproof cape.
We spent a week at Bournemouth with Sue's mum and dad in a flat at Southbourne. We had the ground floor in a house which was also occupied by an elderly woman who gave piano lessons. Cathy was very good, she had one sleep in the mornings wherever we were and slept well at night. Sunny was not very well and had to go to a vet who put her to sleep for a day to calm down. She had been sick every time she had anything to eat. Things didnít start out very well, Sue's mum and dad were two hours late arriving because of the traffic and the waather was somewhat wet. On the Saturday evening, the car broke down with throttle cable trouble and Sue and I had to wait until after midnight for the AA to arrive and put things right. The following day wasn't very promising; we went for a walk down to the beach at Southbourne and it poured with rain. We all got absolutely soaked. After we had all got dry, we went out for Lunch complete with Cathy.