The Open Group Members Meeting in Pictures

Berlin - April 2001

The Wireless Enabled Enterprise

Plenary Conference

The theme of the April 2001 conference was The Wireless Enabled Enterprise, focussing on practical use of the wireless features that exist now, rather than those promised for the future.

The plenary conference sessions included a range of speakers from both Customers and Suppliers and workshop sessions highlighting the work of The Open Group Mobile Management Forum.

Demonstration and Exhibition

The main feature of the day was a practical scenario demonstration showing sessions management and data synchronization in action. The live demo used a combination of the conference wireless Local Area Network (802.11b) and the local GSM phone service. [Most of the photos were taken during the rehearsal prior to the conference .. hence the casual dress.] A small exhibition later provided an opportunity for vendors to provide more information about the products shown in the demonstration.

The PKI Interoperability BOF

A Birds of a Feather session on Tuesday evening brought together representatives of several groups working on practical demonstration of certificate and digital signature interoperability and a fascinating summary of the legal issues surrounding liability.

Around and About
The Hotel Maritim

The location of the hotel was the Maritim Pre Arte, in the old Russian Sector when Berlin was divided and now completely renovated and remodeled. The most striking feature is the original art, with each floor dedicated to a local artist.

Social Activities &

Many opportunities are provided during the conference week for members of The Open Group to get together for informal discussions with the staff of The Open Group and other members.

Offsite at the Brauhaus Spandau

Japan night - For the large contingent of members and prospective members from Japan, hosted by Jack Fujieda, the Chair of The Open Group Japan.

The Governing Board dinner

Around and About Berlin

Berlin is a lively and interesting city by day and by night. 10 years after reunification it remains the largest building site in the world. It is very difficult to take any picture without a crane; the pink or blue pipes are temporarily and are to take water from building sites to the nearest waterway.

Berlin by day:

Berlin by night

Transport (revealing an interest of the photographer!)

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