The Open Group in Amsterdam - October 2001

Active Loss Prevention

The theme of the April 2001 conference was Active Loss Prevention, a revolutionary business oriented approach to protecting the assts of an organization, risk management and IT security.

The plenary conference featured a variety of speakers, providing a background to the whole subject area: 

On Tuesday morning, an expert panel looked at security issues surrounding mobile and wireless computing.

On Tuesday evening, our guest speaker Matthias Kraner from conference supporter Predictive Systems also addressed wireless security issues.

On Wednesday morning, some of the leading experts in the Bluetooth SIG Security Expert Group discussed issues relating to Bluetooth security.

Finally, on Friday morning, representatives of all of The Open Group Forums presented the results of their week's work and plans for the forthcoming quarter.


Other Working Sessions

The Open Forum, introduced for the first time on Tuesday afternoon at this meeting, included the popular session The Open Group update and then The Open Group Customer Council.

The Open Group Governing Board met on Thursday morning.

Around and About
The Grand Hotel Krasnapolski

The location of the hotel was the Grand Hotel Krasnapolski on Dam Square right in the center of Amsterdam.

Social Activities &

Many opportunities are provided during the conference week for members of The Open Group to get together for informal discussions with other members of The Open Group, visitors and staff.

Few who attended will forget the Wednesday evening offsite Event: The Dream of Rembrandt van Rijn: 


On Monday evening The Open Group regional champions came together for a working dinner:


Tuesday evening is traditionally Japan Night, when Jack Fujieda hosts a dinner for all of the visitors from Japan:

Thursday is usually the dinner for the Board of Directors.


Around and About Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a lively and interesting city by day and by night. It is known for its canals by day and its red light district by night. Don't expect photos of the red light district here! 

Amsterdam by day:

Amsterdam by night

Trams and Trains (revealing an interest of the photographer!)

Let your mouse linger over the thumbnails to see the captions (Internet Explorer only).

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