Meet Manager
Club Statistician Module



The Club Statistician Module manages information about competitive swimming performances within a club environment and includes the following facilities:

System Requirements


The Club Statistician Module can be configured to define

By default, the module is configured as follows


Freestyle 25m 50m 100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m
Backstroke 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Breaststroke 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Butterfly 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Individual Medley 100m 200m 400m        

Club Records

Freestyle 25m 50m 100m 200m 400m 800m 1500m
Backstroke 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Breaststroke 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Butterfly 25m 50m 100m 200m      
Individual Medley 100m 200m 400m        

Relay splits


Main Menu


Membership Database

To add a swimmer, select Insert New Member from the PB File menu.
To change details of a member, select Amend Details of Member from the PB File menu.
To display details about a member, select Display Details of Member from the PB File menu.

The following is the form used to create and/amend details of members:

To change the personal best times for an swimmer, select Amend Personal Best Times from the PB File Menu.
Most of time, personal best times are maintained automatically as competition results are analysed.

The following is the form used:


Creating a Qualifying Period Times File

Select Qualifying Period Times > Create Period Best File from the PB File Menu

Set the date range and click on the Licensed Meets Only box if only times from Licensed Meets are to be considered.

Selection of Swimmers for Competitions

The following is the form used to select swimmers for competitions.

Times may be selected either from personal bests, or from a table of times within a qualifying period.

Times may be selected one event at a time as shown, or alternatively, a file of event times for a complete competition may be processed.

Creating Web Pages containing Personal Statistics

This feature must only be used to display times for swimmers who have specifically requested them. The system does not include personal information such as date of birth or contact information:

To define swimmers whose time is to be displayed (or remove swimmers from the list). Select Change Internet Stats Position from the PB File menu.

To create pages for uploading to the Web, select Load PBs to WWW from the PB File menu. You will be asked to specify a directory into which the information is to be written. For best results, this directory should be empty.

A complete hierarchy of Web pages is created for uploading to a suitable location on a Web site.

At the top level is a list of swimmers whose times are available:

For each swimmer, there is a summary of personal bests:

For each stroke, there is a full swim history:


Club Records

Club records are normally managed automatically.

To display an existing club record, select Display from the Records menu.
To amend an existing club record, select Amend from the Record menu.

To create Web files containing up to date club records, select Output Records to WWW from the Records menu. You will be asked to select the directory into which the Web pages are to be written. A hierarchy of pages is created.

The top level provides an index:

For each stroke, there is a page of club records

Analysing the Results of a Gala

To analyse the results of a gala, it is necessary to select the month of competition ..

.. and then the actual competition. If the competition has not previously been recorded, enter details in the boxes at the foot of the screen and click on the New File button. To add to the results of an existing competition, select the competition and click on the Open File button.

To analyse the results of an individual swim, enter the details as in the form below.

To select the swimmer type sufficient letters of the surname and first name in the Short Name box to display the correct name in the Full Name box.

The times may be entered in any of the following formats:

ss is the number of seconds (if greater than 60 it is converted to the appropriate number of minutes and seconds)
mm is the number of minutes
99 is the hundredths of a seconds

Non significant figures may be omitted. For example:

If there is a disqualification:

You may add to the comments in the Notes box.

Click the Confirm button when you are satisfied with the entered information.

The information about the swimmers and swim will be cleared and the cursor placed in the Short Name box to enter a further swimmer for this event. To move to the next event, press the TAB key.

Relay Splits

If the event is a relay event, the team name is entered automatically. When the Confirm button is pressed, the overall time for the team is stored and a further screen is displayed for entry of individual times:  

Enter the number of swimmers, and then the names of individual swimmers in sequence. You may then either enter the cumulative time, or the split time for each leg. Set the box on the right against the name of a swimmer to inhibit analysis of a time (if for example the swimmer was disqualified).

If there are no split times, click on the No Splits! button to return to enter the results of the next race.

New Swimmer

If the swimmer has not previously swum and there is no record on the file, you may select the Add Swimmer option from the Personal Bests menu.

Team Result

To enter the team result, select Add Gala Result from the File menu:

NOTE: When the Meet Manager Module is used to manage a competition, the results can be analysed directly from the Meet Manager database.

Creating Web Files of Gala Results

NOTE: This is not totally intuitive and is in the process of being improved.

Select Load Results to WWW from the Gala Results menu.

Select the year.

If not the current year, click No and select the year from the list presented.

You now have the option to create all of the files for the specified year, or select a single gala:

Click on the Yes button to load all of the competitions for the complete year.
Click on the No button to load a single competition.

Select the directory into which the files are to be loaded. All of the files for a single year should go into a single directory. Separate directories should be used for each year.

To load a single gala at this point, select the event in the same way as above.

A hierarchy of files is created in the specified directory.

The top level index contains a list of competition in the year:

For each competition, detailed results are held in a separate Web page:

Miscellaneous Facilities

Calculate GAB Points/GB Points

Select Calculate ASA Grade from the Miscellaneous menu.


Long/Short Course Time Conversion

Select Long Course Time Conversion from the Miscellaneous menu.