Camrose Way Housegroup

Programme – Autumn 2023

The first part of the autumn term will be a 4-week sermon series based on Isaiah with the theme Incomparable: The God who is like no other.

This will be followed by a 7-week series from Mark, Who is this? The unexpected king.

The aim of the house group studies is to aid group reflection and application of what has been taught in the previous two Sunday sermons. We should avoid going back through every detail of the passage or merely repeating what we’ve already heard. The focus should be on applying what we have understood from the passage.

HG members are encouraged to listen to the sermons in advance of the HG session. They are available from:

·        Audio:

·        Video:





Additional Notes

6th September




13th September

HG: Isaiah 40:12-31, 43:1-13


At 79, Camrose Way

20th September




27th September

HG: Isaiah 44:6-20, 45:5-25



4th October




11th October

HG: Mark 5



18th October




25th October

HG: Mark 6:1-56



1st November




8th November

HG: Mark 7:1-8:43



15th November




22nd November

HG: Mark 8:14-38



29th November

Christmas decorations



6th December




13th December

HG: Advent: waiting well



20th December

HG Social ?



The first meeting of the term, on 13th September will be at 79, Camrose Way. We will take a decision on future locations during that meeting.