Wednesday - Friday 22nd-24th February, 2012

Getting back to work, but keeping up the exercise

Most of today was spent in front of my computer, working.

I spent the evening at St. Mary's. listening to a session on The Christian and Mental Health. One of the ordained staff at St. Mary's studied Medicine and Psychiatry at University and provided a fascinating insight into the types and causes of mental illness and the impact of Christian beliefs on the diagnosis and treatment of, for example, severe depression.

This was one of a series of Lent Talks, each of which is preceded by a typical St. Mary's meal.


Today involved a trip to London for a meeting with a solicitor. (Nothing particularly sinister. My employer is involved in an employment tribunal case and I am a witness).

However, it did represent another milestone, since for the first time for almost a year, I felt fit enough to travel on the London Underground. For people who are not familiar with the underground system, travelling by tube is a pretty physical experience.

Few of the stations, especially in the centre of London, are "accessible". Getting to and from platforms and changing trains normally involves negotiating stairs and a considerable amount of walking. It is also common to have to stand up while the train in travelling (that was the case on 3 out of the 4 trains I took today).

By the time I got back to Basingstoke, I had walked a long way and was very tired.


Today was a busy work day. Sue and I had planned to go somewhere like Savill Garden for a walk but it didn't work out. I had three telecons spread out during the day and Sue had one of her own in the morning. Eventually, we did walk into town in the late afternoon, stop for a cup of coffee, and then walk back again. This was good exercise, but probably a little further than I should have walked. However, my recovery time was getting shorter, so the exercise was clearly doing me good.