Wednesday 15th February, 2012

Free of Cancer? - Maybe

Today was the day I found out the results of the PET scan that I had on the 27th January to look for any active cancer after my chemo-therapy.

After a very bad night, a combination of pain from my hip and jet lag, we were up relatively early and at the hospital at 9am for a blood test. For the first time ever, there was no waiting time, so we had quite a long time in Costa before my appointment with Dr. Roy at 10:45.

The results of the PET scan were very encouraging. No signs of active cancer were detected. Dr. Roy did point out that PET scans, particularly around the liver, are notoriously unreliable, so I should not get too excited at this stage. The scan did show some growth activity around my pelvis, which is probably good.

I would now be referred back to the MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) which would decide on future treatment plans, which could include radio therapy in case the PET scan was wrong. That team will also look at treatment of the damage caused by the lymphoma, to my pelvis and to my digestive system.

None of the scans show any major problems with my digestive system. The doctor's current recommendation was that I continue with laxatives and eat as much fibre and greens as possible.

The current pain in my hip could just be associated with the normal healing process; it could be associated with a problem with the healing process. I may well need an MRI scan to check this out in due course.

I will find out the results of the MDT meeting in 2 weeks, on 29th February. If it had not been for the leap year, I would have to have waited until March.

In the evening, I had an ASA South East Region Swimming meeting in Guildford; the first time that I had driven that far on my own since last spring. I was sad to see that Eileen Adams was in much more pain in her hip than I was, which makes me really thankful for my own recovery.