Monday-Thursday 23rd-26th January, 2012

Mostly work

This week went by very quickly. Despite the results of the scan last week, I still had a long way to go to get back to full health. That was underlined by a phone call from the Surrey Royal Hospital to make an appointment for a PET scan to find out more about the residual mass near my liver. That would happen on Friday at the end of the week.


Monday was a work day, a major feature of which was an unexpectedly log teleconference. Because I had stopped pain medication, I had a rather disturbed night. As a result, I did not get up very early. I thought that I had a 90 minute telecon from 1pm, so I postponed lunch. When I got on the call, I found out that the calling notice was wrong and the call would continue until 5pm. I finally got lunch at around 3:30 and the call went on to 6pm.

By the end of the call, I was very stiff and moving around was uncomfortable. I decided that I needed to get more exercise later in the week.


On Tuesday, the weather was not wonderful. There was heavy overcast and threats of rain. However, the temperature was pretty mild, so Sue and I decided to go to Savill Garden to walk and for lunch. It didn't rain; we walked further than on any visit to Savill Garden since I was diagnosed. I felt a lot better, but very tired.

Sue went out in the evening. I set myself a target of completing my tax return for the year to April 2011. Thanks to a concerted effort to scan and collate all of the necessary paperwork over the previous weeks, I managed to find everything that I needed and to complete the form online.


Sue went to Focus, a ladies bible study group at St. Mary's. I decided to go with her and walk into the town centre to get some exercise. That worked in easing the stiffness in my legs. In the afternoon, I was contacted by a nurse from the hospital to instruct me to take some blood thinner to reduce the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis when flying. We finished the day at the Midweek Bible Study at St. Mary's.


Thursday featured a visit to my GP to get back to routine treatment that was put on hold while I had the chemotherapy treatment. Sue has done virtually all of the driving since last summer. I drove into town and dropped her off. The walk from the town centre to the surgery gave me exercise for the day.