Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd January, 2012

Managing Discomfort


Three days without morphine had resulted in some relief in the discomfort in my digestive system, but over the weekend, introducing codeine started to cause more problems. Given that the codeine did not seem to be having a great deal of impact on the discomfort in my hip, so on Sunday, I stopped taking the codeine.

On Saturday, the weather was overcast and high winds were forecast. Despite that, we decided that we needed exercise and went out in search of another National Trust property with a garden. We found Claremont, "a beautiful garden surrounding a small lake and featuring an unusual grass amphitheatre".

Once again, this was a fantastic place to visit. I walked further than I expected and we had a very pleasant light lunch. I spent the evening at the Southampton Diving Academy presentation evening in my role as Hampshire County President. This involved about 45 minutes on my feet. The combination of walking at Claremont and standing in the evening pushed my hip to the limit.

Sunday was very much devoted to church. Sue and I went to St.Mary's twice, once in the morning and once in the evening. In between, we met Chris for lunch.