Wednesday 11th January, 2012

The Big Day - Part 1

So this was the BIG DAY when I would have the all important CT scan which would indicate the extent to which the chemo therapy has worked. Obviously, I wouldn't know the results for several days.

I had a reasonable night, although I was disturbed a couple of times by stomach cramps. I clearly haven't got my digestive system regulated properly yet, so will need to increase the dose of laxatives that I reduced last week. My mobility today is pretty good. The pain in the muscles of my left thigh has gone away.

I started the day hungry. No breakfast because of the CT scan. Sue went to Focus, a women's bible study group at St. Mary's. She dropped me at the hospital in time to get a blood test before the appointment for the scan.

The wait for the blood test was around 20 minutes, so no problem.

As usual, my wait for the CT scan involved drinking half a litre of some blackcurrent flavoured liquid to enhance contrast on the scan. At least I was not told that I had to "hold it" until after the scan. I am not sure that would have been possible.

I found out that I was one of the fortunate people whose scan happened as scheduled. One of the CT scanners was out of action so some people's appointments were rescheduled, some late into the evening.

The mechanics of the scan seemed to go fine. At the end of the scan there was a replay of images on a screen that I could see. I obviously could not "read" the scan to determine the state of my lymphoma, but to my untrained eye, it did look as if there has been significant regrowth of bone in my left pelvis.

Finally, I got breakfast at Costa while I was waiting for Sue to collect me. She actually arrived very soon after I had ordered my bacon roll.

The afternoon was spent in front of my PC on an Open Group webinar and on the final hour of the webinar training course that I would be resuming on Thursday, to provide some continuity.

In the evening, Sue and I went to the midweek prayer meeting at St. Mary's where the outcome of my scan was one of the topics for prayer.