Monday/Tuesday 9th/10th January, 2012

Working and another milestone - a haircut

A busy and significant week in prospect.

For most of the week, I planned to participate in a webinar training event as a trainer.

On Wednesday, the CT scan to measure the success of the chemo-therapy was scheduled.


Monday was a pretty mundane day, although for the first time in a long time, I did hot have to get up in the night. I finally got up at around 8:30.
Monday was mostly spent at my computer. Late in the afternoon, I did have a quick trip out to get a replacement USB hub. Because the Tuesday webinar involved the use of a USB headset, a failing hub was not acceptable.

Sue and I went out for dinner at The Hatch, after which Sue gave my hair a trim. My hair was slowly starting to regrow. Although the distribution of hair was still sparse, some hairs were getting long and untidy. We were very worried about getting hair everywhere. We didn't need to worry; all that came off stayed attached to the clippers like fluff. Nevertheless, it looked and felt much tidier after it was done.


As planned, I spent the day sitting in front of my PC with a headset on, helping to deliver a webinar training event. I delivered the morning session, one my colleagues in Architecting the Enterprise delivered the afternoon sessions. As expected, I was pretty tired when we finished. I was not expecting the stomach cramps that I started to get in the late afternoon.

The evening was spent at a Basingstoke Bluefins Management Meeting. The meeting was fine, but the stomach cramps gradually got worse.