Saturday/Sunday 7th/8th January 2012

Weekend Swimming Competition


Today was the first day of the Basingstoke Bluefins New Year Junior Open Meet (swimming). Happily, the swimming today did not start until lunchtime, so it wasn't necessary to get up early.

It took me about an hour to finish setting up the computers. We had to call in at the local City LInk office to pick up a package that wasn't delivered. Even they had problems deciphering the handwriting on the card that was left. It took then almost 15 minutes to locate the package.

Up at the pool, last night's work setting up the tables and wires for the competition meant that the final set-up today was much more relaxed than usual. We had our usual set of people complaining that we had made mistakes in entries. (In all of the complaints, we found instance where we had made a mistake).

We had a lot of trouble accommodating all of the spectators who wanted to come onto poolside. Eventually we succeeded. 

This was another competition where my objective was to do as little as possible, so that other people gained confidence in their ability to run the competition without me. This was more or less successful. I needed to sort out one or two network problems, but that was all.

The first session lasted 5 minutes over 3 hours (about 10 minutes shorter than originally planned). That allowed a reasonable time for food between sessions and for the second session to start on time.

We eventually got away from the pool just after 9pm and took the lazy route and called at MacDonald's for "dinner".

Physically, I managed the day pretty well. My leg muscles were not bad. The main problem remains discomfort and some pain in my digestive system. I am now wondering whether I am overdoing the laxatives now that the majority of the chemicals from the chemo are out of my body. So this morning, I reduced the dose


This was day 2 of the competition. We had to be at the pool at 9:30am and the swimming was finished by just after 7pm, so another long day. I ended up doing a session of starting in the afternoon, which I really enjoyed.

By the time we had packed up and got home, it was gone 8pm. We finished the day with a Chinese take-away.