Friday 6th January, 2012

Late Father Christmas

This turned out to be a long and busy day. Sue and I got up early to drive to Birmingham to deliver Christmas presents that the Jacksons could not fit in their car following their visit at Christmas. Because I have to work for 4 days next week, this was the only day that fitted.

Sue woke up with stomach cramps and we considered not going. However, after breakfast, she decided that she would be OK. Because I am now back on morphine tablets in the morning, I was not able to do any of the driving.

We didn't see Jess because she was at school. Ben and Sammy were their usual selves, Ben full of energy and Sammy full of smiles.

We got home just before 6:30pm. Chris came round so that we could go to the pool to set up equipment for the Basingstoke Bluefins Junior Meet. It took us just over an hour to set up tables and cables and find out that there was no power to the scoreboard.

We ended the day at Pizza Hut, where we were greeting with a statement that they did not have any normal pizza dough left, just large stuffed crust. We settled for that, but I for one do not like stuffed crust pizza, it is just too stodgy.

I spent most of the day trying to manage the passage of wind through my digestive system, with varying success and was very glad to relax and stretch out at the end of the evening.