Thursday/Friday 29th/30th December, 2011

The end of Christmas and a Funeral


Cathy stayed with us until Wednesday. When she left that was more or less the end of Christmas.

As we have done on a number of occasions, we went as far as Savill Garden with Cathy and stopped for a short walk and lunch. Cathy headed towards the M25; we headed home. Getting some exercise I us certainly good for me, but leaves me very tired. After about an hour slumped in front of the TV, Sue and I both spent time at our PCs getting on with the kind of "stuff" that normally occupies our time.


Friday was a sad day. It was the funeral of one of the Past Presidents of Hampshire County ASA. I was expected to attend in my capacity as current President, but would have been there anyway. We have known Don and Phil Kemp for many years. Don used to be an active swimming official, but has been in poor health for a number of years. Often when people pass away at quite an advanced age (Don was 79), the funeral service is not well attended. Don was clearly well-loved. The chapel at Basingstoke Crematorium was packed to overflowing. Andover Swimming Club, Don's club, was very well represented.

Finding something to wear was a bit of a challenge. I had new clothes that fit me, but nothing that was suitable for a funeral. However one of the suits that I has made in Hong Kong, although about 2" too large in the waist did not look too bad and I managed to locate my black tie.

Funerals always provide an opportunity to renew friendships and get up to date news about people. One piece of news was not good. The wife of another Past President has motor neurone disease and her condition has deteriorated to the extent that she is no longer able to talk or eat properly.

After the funeral, we stopped at the local Toby Carvery at Down Grange for lunch.