Monday 26th December, 2012

Boxing Day - The Jacksons Arrive



Boxing Day

Nobody was in any rush to get up today. I was first up at 9am.

An hour spent at a computer solved the problem of transferring books from my old Sony book to the new one. The new one is a great improvement. It is faster and lighter than the old one and has much more control over font faces and sizes. Most importantly, it came with a case with a built in light. (The major problem with my old one was that it was not possible to get any form of light.) However, Sony have not made it easy to get new books. Adobe Digital Editions, as used by Waterstones for Digital Rights Management does not recognize the new tablet and the Sony Store is not yet available in the UK.

The highlight of the day was the arrival of the Jackson family. They were slightly delayed by traffic near a large retail centre just off the M40, but were still with us around midday.

We had a buffet lunch and spent much of the day opening presents. Jess and Ben were very good, investigating each present, rather than simply rushing through a pile of presents to be opened. They wanted to play with everything immediately (or in the case of clothes, wanted to get changed).

By the end of the afternoon, Ben was getting a little bit over excited, so Jenny decided that he needed to go out for a walk. It was a good opportunity for me to get some exercise. I had been sitting down all day and was getting a bit stiff.

There was a slight problem. Getting ready to go out, Ben caught his thumb in the door and managed to generate quite an impressive amount of blood. However, walking around in the dark looking for houses with Christmas lights took his mind off his thumb.

The walk was just what I needed. It loosened up the stiff muscles in my legs and stimulated my digestive system into action.

After all of the Christmas food, we all enjoyed a simple pasta meal.