Saturday 17th December, 2011

Preparing for Christmas

After another good nights's sleep, much of the day was spent trying to do some preparation for Christmas.

The first task was to get rid of some stuff that was cluttering the house. This was not helped by 2 new HD computer monitors being delivered. Once those had been installed we had the packing materials, 3 old monitors and two boxes of empty bottles to be recycled. A quick trip to the Council recycling centre made a lot of space.

People who run swimming competitions tend to accumulate various equipment. Various trolleys of computer and PA equipment needed to be put away.

Then we had space to start making our lounge a little more Christmassy. We cheated and bought "Christmas in a box" from Homebase, comprising a Christmas Tree complete with decorations and lights. Once that was installed, it felt a little more like Christmas and we had enough space to allow all of our family to visit us and sit down.

In the afternoon, it was time to think about Christmas cards. In recent years we have stopped sending vast numbers of real cards. Even when we bought charity cards, only about 10p per card went to charity. The rest went to the greeting card company and the post office. So we have been sending electronic cards and making a donation to St. Nicholas Children's Home in Nakuru, Kenya, which is supported by St. Marys.

Even sending greeting cards by e-mail involved planning to maximise the probability of delivery. Sending a graphic image to a large distribution list usually results in a high proportion getting trapped by spam filters. So this is not necessarily an easy option.

By today, I was almost 1 week into the 6th cycle of chemo-therapy and feeling very tired, so Saturday evening was very lazy sitting in front of the TV.