Friday 16th December, 2011

Minor breakthroughs but a sad end to the day

This was another day of breakthroughs as life continues to return to normal.

After two disturbed nights, I had a really good night's sleep.

Breakthrough #1: In the morning, we returned the equipment that I was provided with when I had difficulty with mobility. I have formally decided that I am no longer disabled.

Breakthrough #2: When we went out at lunchtime to meet John for lunch, for the first time for several months, I was able to wear a normal pair of trainers. I have been wearing very wide, oversized shoes because of swelling in my feet.

This was almost a normal visit to town. We went into a couple of shops to fill in some gaps in Christmas shopping and then met John for a relaxed lunch in Giraffe, a chain restaurant. We made arrangements for Christmas and John has agreed to come to church with us on Christmas Day.

In Marks and Spencer, we met Peter Warne who has been tremendous encouragement and comfort to me over the last few months. His words once again had that effect.

I spent most of the afternoon in front of my PC, mostly working. In the late afternoon, preparation for the family Christmas continued as we revised our internet grocery shop.

The day ended on a rather sad note. We have been praying regularly for one Past President of Hampshire County ASA and the wife of another, who are both not well. This evening we heard that Don Kemp, President of the County ASA in 1990, died on Wednesday after a relatively short battle with prostate cancer that unfortunately had spread before it was detected. So many people suffering from cancer makes me realise how lucky I am.