Tuesday/Wednesday 13th/14th December, 2011

Two Normal Days
  As expected, I had a rather disturbed night, with several visits to the loo to help my kidneys flush out some of the results of the chemo therapy. However, apart from that, I slept pretty well.

My intent for Tuesday and Wednesday this week was to spend a considerable about of time in front of my PC doing a combination of work and preparation for upcoming swimming competitions.

On Tuesday evening, there was a Basingstoke Bluefins Management Committee meeting and on Wednesday the midweek prayer meeting at St. Mary's.


It took me quite a while to get started in the morning .. but I then did succeed in spending most of the day, comfortably in front of my PC.

As planned, the evening was spent at the Aquadrome at a Basingstoke Bluefins Committee Committee meeting.

I have been having trouble with dry skin on my feet and "cracks" appearing. For the last two days Sue has been doing a wonderful job looking after them and rubbing cream in.

All in all, a day that turned out to be "extraordinarily normal".


I got up feeling really good, almost free of aches and pains, so got to my PC a little earlier than on Monday.

Sue had a visit planned to look at a new school swimming pool at Churchers College in Petersfied, to find out whether it would be suitable for future Hampshire Schools swimming competitions.

I was tempted to go with her, but decided I wanted to get on with some work. I later realised that this was the first time since my diagnosis that I Have given priority to work over an opportunity to get out of the house.

Sue got back from Churches College a little earlier than expected, so we decided to go into town to get a sandwich for lunch and to do a little Christmas shopping. I decided to go to Starbucks as a "human being", with no walking aid and no support cushion (for my hip).

I spent all afternoon sitting in front of my PC and in the evening Sue and I went to St. Mary's for the midweek prayer meeting.