Monday 12th December, 2011

Chemo treatment day - finally

After another reasonable night's sleep, hopefully, today would be the day when I received the 6th, and hopefully final, session of chemotherapy.

For the first time, the chemo session was not scheduled to start at 9am, giving us plenty of time to have breakfast and get ready. We picked up coffees from Costa on our way in to the hospital, and arrived at the Basing Unit exactly on time at 11:30.

It was very busy, with every chair taken, so I needed to resign myself to being patient. The cannula was installed pretty quickly, but I had to wait for my drugs to arrive from pharmacy.

While I was waiting, I had the chance to reflect on the general state of my health at the moment:

  • Major problems (apart from the underlying lymphoma): None
  • Minor problems: Susceptibility to infection, tiredness, instability of digestive system (all "features" of the chemo therapy)
  • Irritations: Feeling the cold more than normal, mobility (I have not had much exercise for the last two weeks, so I get tired and stiff when I walk any distance at all at the moment, but I am not using crutches or a stick).

So all in all, I am doing pretty well and against this I can balance the quality of life I am enjoying at the moment, with lots of time to relax and rebuild my relationship with Sue and with God.

I spoke to one of the doctors briefly. Because the chemo had been postponed, follow-up sessions needed to be rescheduled. I will now need a blood test on Wednesday 21st December to make sure that any residual infection from my toe has cleared up. Unfortunately, the CT scan has to be put off for a week to approximately 11th January.

Once the chemo drugs arrived, everything proceeded very smoothly and quickly. We were away from the hospital just around 4pm.

Back at home, I was very tired. I had some ideas of spending time doing constructive tasks at my PC. In the event, I spent all evening relaxing and dozing in front of the TV. I could tell that the chemo was in my system .. my kidneys started to work very hard, I was very thirsty and needed to drink a lot.