Saturday 10th December, 2011

A black day for Bluefins

Sue woke up feeling better, but very tired.

For me, this turned into a "red letter day", when I drove the car on my own for the first time since my diagnosis. I needed to pick up some medicines from the pharmacy and Sue was in no state to drive. I have stopped taking the morphine tablet in the morning, and my hip is gradually improving, so Sue agreed that I was fit to drive a relatively short distance.

The outing was successful. I did collect the medication and driving was a lot more comfortable than on my previous attempt, a few weeks previously.

Sue and I were due to help run an Arena League Division 2 Swimming Gala at our pool in the evening, so on Saturday afternoon, we did very little, just relaxing in front of the TV.

We were at the pool at 5pm. My job was to run the electronic timing system. We had an army of volunteers to help us set up, so I didn't have to do much at all. Sue was one of the referees. We both coped with what we had to do and the competition went very well. After the competition we adjourned to McDonalds where dinner comprised 2 Chicken Select meals.

Meanwhile, in Guildford, the Basingstoke Bluefins team finished last in their Arena League Premier Division Gala, which guaranteed relegation to Division 1 for next season.