Friday 9th December, 2011

I am better, but Sue is not well

This turned out to be a very mixed day.

In the morning, I felt a lot better than the previous day. My digestive system was still clogged up and a little uncomfortable, but I did eat some toast for breakfast.

In the morning, I had an appointment with the chiropodist. He offered to remove the toenail from the toe that had the infection. Given the advice from people at the hospital, I declined that offer and just asked him to trim the nails on my other toes. He did say that he would remove the nail the next time if it hasn't already fallen off.

I spent some time in a cafe at the "top of town", while Sue did some shopping and then managed some tomato on toast for lunch. The weather forecast was for "strong winds from the South". My digestive system fulfilled the forecast perfectly, leaving me much more comfortable.

Back at home, I was very tired, so sat down doing very little all afternoon.

In the evening, Sue and I went to the Basingstoke Bluefins presentation evening. In my role as President of Hampshire County ASA, I was invited to present some of the trophies. Sue received a beautiful bunch of flowers in recognition of her contribution to Bluefins, in particular the lessons programme. Chris was given one of the two inaugural awards for Service to Bluefins. Unfortunately, he was not expecting this and was not there.

I did not want to risk the buffet food at the presentation evening, so Sue and I went to Pizza Hut. We were worried that I would not be able to eat Pizza. In the end, it was Sue who had problems.

Since 2000, Sue has suffered from Ménière's disease, a problem with her inner ear that results in irregular attacks of vertigo, with associated sickness. As we got home from Pizza Hut, she was obviously having one of those intermittent attacks. For several hours she was unwell, vomiting many times. This was much worse than anything I had earlier in the week.

Eventually, when she went to bed, the vomiting subsided.

Me? I was fine and really enjoyed the Pizza and a tot of whisky before bed.