Thursday 8th December, 2011

Not a Good Day

Not a good day.

I had severe discomfort in my digestive system and apart from a few minutes dozing, I didn't sleep at all. I spent the night in a chair, rather than in bed. I felt very congested and bloated and was not able to pass wind.

 In the middle of the night, I was actually sick, something that has not happened to me since we got married, almost 40 years ago. I tried a little breakfast, but that came almost straight back.

My first port of call at the hospital was the surgeon who looked at my toe. On Friday. She removed the dressing and confirmed that the toe is healing nicely and I would not need surgery to remove the toe nail, at least for the time being.

I should have moved on to the Basing Unit for the 6th dose of chemo, but given my digestive system problem that was postponed to the start of next week.

I was sent for an X-Ray. Happily the X-Ray showed that there was no serious problem.

Back at home, I was still very uncomfortable. Doing anything other than resting in a reclined position was not conmfortable. For lunch I had a digestive biscuit, and kept it down. I spent most of the afternoon dozing. I had a small amount of steak pie for dinner and gradually felt more comfortable.