Wednesday 7th December, 2011

Check-up Day

First stop of the day was, as usual, the pathology department to see if I have any blood left.

My check-up showed that my white cell and haemoglobin counts are fine, but there is still some residual infection. The sixth and potentially final session of chemo-therapy would be able to proceed as long as the surgeons didn't want to remove the toenail.

Next steps.

  • Because of the infection, I will need a blood check on Tuesday next week
  • Check-up in three weeks.
  • CT scan in the first week of January. Further treatment depends on the results of the scan.
    • Monitoring only
    • A scan to see whether any residual masses are still active
    • A further 2 cycles of chemo-therapy (which would probably mean cancelling the planned trip to San Francisco and Hawaii)
    • Radio therapy

Once again I needed to be patient. After my check-up, I had to wait for the tissue viability nurse, who was not responding to her pager. However, it was not very long before she came. She was very happy with the response to antibiotics and redressed my foot.

I was very tired in the afternoon, but recovered a little in time for the Hampshire County ASA forum, which I as President was chairing.

I got through the meeting OK. After the meeting we went to McDonalds, which was a mistake. By time we got home, I was not feeling well, with a lot of pain in my digestive system.