Friday 2nd December, 2012

The Prospect of Going Home - A Reward for Patience?

I was woken at 6am for more antibiotics. I tried to doze, but the alarms from the drip pumps kept waking me. At least this was finished within 90 minutes. After a shower and a cooked breakfast, I felt almost human, although my toe was quite sore after a night with a relatively tight dressing.

Sue came in at 10:30 to make sure she was here when Jenny arrived.

The tissue viability nurse looked in and planned to come back later in the afternoon with a dressing that would last for 3 days.

Jenny arrived at the same time as the doctor, who was the bearer of good news. Assuming that the surgeons don't want to do anything to my toe, I could possibly go home on Saturday, switching to oral antobiotics. I am no longer neutropenic, so leaving the room would be a possibility. However, it might be necessary to delay the next chemo session by a week, which would leave me neutropenic over Christmas, which would not be so great.

Sue and Jenny went to meet John for lunch. I had my lunch, a rather soggy fish and chips and then my second treatment of antibiotics any the tissue viability nurse put dressing on my toe.

Jenny and John came in to see me at around 4pm, leaving Ben and Sammy back at our house. Almost as soon as they left, one of the surgeons came, removed the dressing from my toe, and, after looking at it and prodding it, decided that it did not need any surgical intervention. Based on that one of the doctors told me I would be able to go home tomorrow. I will switch to oral antibiotics and I will have to come back on Monday.

So, I will not be at the swimming championships on Saturday and Sue does not think I should think about going on Sunday. I am sure that I will take her advice.

At 7pm, I got more antibiotics. At 11pm, there was a problem. The intravenous antibiotics have been stopped, but have not been replaced by tablets. As I completed the blog for the day, one of the nurses is still trying to contact the on-call doctor to sort something out.