Wednesday 30th November, 2011

A Very Frustrating Day in Hospital

I had a better night, but I was woken at 1am and 6:30am for more antibiotics.

At 7am, I was told that I would be having treatment from the tissue viability nurse and an X-Ray of my toe.

I did get breakfast today, but the injection to boost my immune system could not be found, which was a pity, because, when one of the doctors from the haematology department came round he told me that I would not be able to go home until my immune system is more or less back to normal. He came round at around 10am, and told me that I would be moving to Wessex Ward in the haematology department. He removed the dressing from my toe. It was not much changed in 24 hours. Fluid was still leaking out.

My lenograstim injection finally turned up at 12:30 along with lunch, after which, I needed to lie on my bed for a while to allow swelling in my feet to reduce.

There doesn't seem to any sense of urgency in my treatment. By 5pm, I was still I the original room, no X-Ray and no visit from the tissue viability nurse! I am clearly not going home today and tomorrow does not look promising either.

Sue came back at about 6:30pm. I was then told that transfer to Wessex ward was imminent.

At 9pm, I was in a very nice private room in the Wessex Ward with en-suite facilities, but there was still no dressing on my toe, which was leaking onto the floor and my antibiotics were 3 hours late. I was also in an infection control room, which meanst that I couldn't just walk out to the nurses station. The handover between wards was less than perfect. Initially, I was told that I would have to miss one dose of antibiotic and I could not have the morphine tablet.

After a bit of persuasion, they agreed to wake me in the middle of the night to catch up the missing dose.

By the time I went to bed, I had had my antibiotic, my toe was dressed and I had a shower, the first since Sunday. Things seemed a lot better.