Sunday 27th November, 2011

Another Swimming Competition and back to Hospital

I was a bit worried abut sleeping. The bed in our room in the Holiday Inn was pretty hard and there was a lot of noise from the lift just opposite out door. Although I had to get up three times in the night, I actually slept pretty well.

We had a leisurely breakfast, followed not long after by coffee and mince pies.. We left for Winchester at around 12:15.

In the afternoon, we had agreed to help Winchester City Penguins with their club championships and in particular to mentor new officials. In the afternoon, I was mentoring a started and in the evening session, a chief timekeeper. Both were relatively competent, but with lots still to learn, which is exactly the purpose of mentoring.

We were hoping to get away in time to go to church, but that didn't happen. During the afternoon, the big toe on my left foot started to hurt. Because I am close to a visit to a chiropodist, I assumed it was pressure on an over long toenail. We finally finished around 6:30 and went to The Hatch for a not too good roast chicken.

We got home around 8:15 and I took a look at my toe which was feeling rather sore. One look revealed a significant infection. By 9pm we were at A&E facing a 3 hour wait. Triage for me, normally means a quick check and then back to the waiting room. Tonight, because my immune system was suppressed, I was immediately moved into a cubicle to keep me away from others, with a big sign on the door "Reverse Barrier Nursing".

Things seemed to take a long time, but by midnight, blood and urine tests had been taken and analysed and it was decided that I needed to stay in hospital for an intravenous antibiotic. Sue went home to collect a few things, while they looked for a bed for me, in a side room where I would not be at risk of infection from others. Eventually, it was decided that I would stay overnight in the short stay ward in A&E. Meanwhile, my toe continued to get bigger and started to hurt, even when there was no pressure on it.

Just after 1am, I got my first does of antibiotics and at around 1:30, was moved into the overnight room. It was very cold, unusual for a hospital.

A pleasant surprise. The nurse in charge of my care, was someone from St. Mary's that I knew. Members of the bible study housegroup I attend, will be able to work out who it was.

One important concession just before I went to sleep. Initially, I was told that I would have to use a commode and cardboard bottles in my room if I needed to go to the loo. I persuaded them to let me use the normal facilities.

The overnight challenge .. charge all my devices which we all more of less out of battery.

One regret, I did not make it to church and Sue and I missed our normal evening prayer time.