Monday 21st November 2011

The Start of Another Busy Week

The start of yet another week. I have about 5 weeks to go to the end of the chemo-therapy and when I will find out the extent to which the treatment has been successful. That seems an age away, and yet, it is hard to believe that the treatment has been underway for 3 months.

This week promises to be a busy week.

Today, I have to replenish my drug box and I have an Architecting the Enterprise teleconference. Entries for the South East Region Winter Championships close at midnight. I plan to process the entries and get a preliminary list on the web before I go to bed.

Tomorrow,  I have arranged to visit the person who does the detailed checking of entries for the championships to install the competition details on her computer and then to spend 2 hours in the Architecting the Enterprise office in Loud water.

The main focus of Wednesday is a TOGAF webinar and rhe Basingstoke Bluefins AGM in the evening.

On Thursday, I need to get the starting system from the Basingstoke Bluefins electronic timing to Omega for repair.

Friday should be a more relaxed day. Saturday will be busy because I am operating the electronic timing equipment at the English Schools National Team Championships.

I spent the morning working. Sue and I went out at lunchtime to pick up a large bag of medication that I need to take to manage the side effects of my chemo-therapy, including antibiotics, anti-virals, blood thinner, stomach protection, laxatives and pain killers, not to mention insulin to manage my diabetes. We stopped briefly to get a panini for lunch.

Today I decided to halve my dosage of morphine sulphate, dropping the breakfast time tablet, but retaining the late evening dose to make sure that I am comfortable in bed.

The afternoon was mostly taken up by a lengthy and quite stressful teleconference, after which I needed a rest. As warned by my doctor, the effects of the chemo-therapy are cumulative. Every cycle I am a little more tired.

I started to work on the entries for the South East Region Winter Championships just before 10pm. I processed all of the entries received up until that time and then at midnight, I processed the handful of entries that came in between 10pm and midnight. By 12:15, I had a provisional list of entries on the web.