Saturday 19th November, 2011

Back to Officiating at a Swimming Competition

This was a pleasant relaxing day which culminated with my return to active swimming officiating.

We stayed in bed until just before 9am, and enjoyed a reasonable English breakfast before setting off for home (from Essex) at around 10:30. We got home around 12. I half watched football on Sky and half dozed, before getting the computer systems ready for the Junior Cup swimming gala at the Aquadrome.

This competition was the first one since the spring where I have acted as official. I was only the starter, but I did need to stand up 51 times during the competition. It felt really good to be dressed in white again, and I was able to help with the competition set up. Next weekend, I will be in action again, at an English Schools National Competition in Southampton. I will be operating the electronic timing system, and at Southampton that means helping the staff with the set up. I will probably have to set up the PA system as well.

My crutches remained in the car all day. I now have an objective of not doing anything that aggravates the condition of my hip to the extent that I need to regress to using crutches for normal walking around. That will mean sensible use of the crutches if I am walking a long distance. Having both hands free when walking is a luxury that I used to take for granted.

As usual after an evening swimming competition, we dined in style at McDonalds.