Monday/Tuesday 14th/15th November 2011

Another week .. This time involving treatment
  This is rather a mixed week. I will start the week with 2 days of relative normality, hopefully getting through a reasonable amount of work.

Today, I have the regular Architecting the Enterprise "Knowledge Pool" teleconference.
Tomorrow, I am participating in the first day of a Webinar training course.

On Wednesday, I start my fifth treatment cycle with a check-up to make sure that I have recovered sufficiently to go through the whole process again.
On Thursday, all being well, I will the fifth infusion of chemo-therapy.

On Friday, assuming that I have tolerated the chemo, Sue and I will be heading off on an expedition to Essex, where I will attend the Essex County ASA Annual Dinner in my capacity of President of Hampshire.


I woke up just before 8am after the best night's sleep I have had for a long time. I did not have to get up at all during the night and I can't remember when that last happened.

I did a little bit of work this morning, but mostly spent time encouraging my PC to boot up, which it did on fourth attempt.

Sue and I had lunch with our son John who has a new job and moved into new lodging a couple of weeks ago. He was in good spirits; everything seems to be going well.

Later we had an e-mail from our other son, Chris, telling us that he had moved into his new house.

I spent the afternoon and quite a lot of the evening working at my PC.

Physically today I paid the price for a very active weekend. I have stiff and aching muscles and sore areas on my feet from walking a lot further than I have for a long time. I take these as good signs. I have very little discomfort from my hip itself.


I was supposed to be supporting one of my colleagues as he delivered a TOGAF training course by webinar today.

However, he had some technical problems and I ended up delivering the  2½ hour morning session myself. Sue was worried that I was overdoing things, but in fact, I had no problem concentrating and delivering the modules.

Happily, my colleague got his computer working over lunch and was able to take over presentation duties for the afternoon. I still had to sit at my PC to monitor the webinar. We had one or two issues that needed to be addressed, so it was around 6pm when I finally got away from my PC.

So I proved that I can do a full day of work, but I was pretty tired when I finished.