Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8th-10th November 2011

Praise God for my illness!

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will have noticed that I am not making updates as frequently. As life becomes more normal, there is less to report, and I have more pressure on my time. So, There will be occasions when I combine several days into a single blog entry.


Today, I came to an important realisation and in prayer this evening, I thanked God for my illness, rather than just praising Him for my recovery.

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning, will know that I had become a "nominal Christian", going to Church occasionally, but not letting God "interfere" with day-to-day life. I had wandered quite a distance from God.

My illness came as a kick in the backside and from the day I was first diagnosed, God has shown me that I can trust Him, and how to have a living relationship with Him. I have seen many answers to prayer and I have learned how to pray for others.

If my illness is the price I need to pay to get a new relationship with God, it is a price worth paying. Thank You God!

Today, was an amazingly normal day, with most of the day spent at my PC, mostly working.

This evening, as President, I chaired a meeting of the Hampshire County ASA Management Committee. Apart from normal business, we received sad news that two long servers volunteers in the county are ill. One of them is suffering from motor neurone disease and her condition seems to be deteriorating more quickly than the doctors predicted. Apart from the fact that she is ill, we got no details about the other. We will pray for both of them.


This morning, Sue went back to the doctor about the pain in her hip, which is not getting any better. She has more of the same tablets for the time being, but really needs to see a doctor who specialises in this kind of problem and who can decide whether a cortisone injection would help. She has an appointment in about 2 weeks time.

We had a light lunch at the religious coffee shop, St. Arbucks (I can't claim credit for this observation), and I worked for the afternoon.

In the evening, we joined the midweek prayer group at St. Mary's.

This time, I was one of the topics of prayer. Two weeks earlier, we prayed for 2 people, both of whom died in the intervening two weeks. I was tempted to ask to be taken off the list. However, more seriously, we knew that the 2 people were very near the end of their lives and prayed for a "good end" for both of them and for their families. It was very comforting to hear people praying for me.


This morning, Sue had a meeting at St. Mary's. I went with her and did some work in the coffee shop.

After lunch and for most of the evening, I was able to sit any my computer, mostly working, before preparing for the trip to Sheffield over the weekend.