Monday/Tuesday 31st October/1st November, 2011

The end of October and the Start of Another Week


The start of another week.

Today, I have to go back to A and E at the hospital to get my crutches serviced. This afternoon, I need to work, including a teleconference.

On Wednesday evening, I will be going to the St. Mary's guest supper, with a guest.

On Thursday afternoon, Clive Hawkins, the rector of St. Mary's, is coming to visit me and pray with me. In the evening, there is a meeting of the Hampshire County ASA Swimming Committee.

On Friday, I have to go to the hospital for a, hopefully, routine blood test and then to the chiropodist for a follow-up to the treatment he gave me last Friday.


The trip to A&E didn't take very long. My crutches now have new rubber ferrules. Hopefully, I will not need the crutches for much longer. On the way home from hospital, Sue and I stopped off at Eastrop Park and I did one lap around the boating lake without crutches or a stick to try to get some rather atrophied muscles back into the habit of working. Although only around 600m it was the farthest that I have walked without pain for months.

I worked for the afternoon and then spent more time at my PC this evening, this time trying to come up with some qualifying times for the South East Region 2012 Championships.

In my personal bible study today, I was guided towards Psalm 107 which contained two verses which attracted my attention.

The first is aimed at people who do not (yet) know God, but found themselves in trouble: "Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress."

The second is an instruction to those who do know and trust in God: "Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men."


Sue and I went for a slightly longer walk this morning, again without crutches or a stick, ending up at the coffee shop at St. Mary's for morning coffee and cake. While I did not have any problem with my hip, I did have quite a lot of discomfort in my right knee, which suggests that I was trying to compensate for problems in my hip and putting unnatural pressure on my knee.

Maybe trying to walk too far without crutches is not a good idea yet.

This afternoon, I worked most of the afternoon. but I did break off for long enough to start to make arrangements for the trip to The Open Group meeting in San Francisco in February and a week in Hawaii afterwards. I booked a week in the Marriott Waikoloa Beach Resort on the big island, using up most of the Marriott Rewards I have been accumulating for years.