Saturday 29th August, 2011

Grandchildren at Their Best

  I had another really good night. Showering was a little bit of a challenge. I have dressings on my left foot which needed to be kept dry. I wore some kind of a plastic sleeve, which despite my misgivings worked perfectly.

I fiddled around on my computer for an hour or so until, spot on time at 11am, Jenny, Graham and the three grandchildren arrived. On his last visit, Sammy, the 8 month old was tired and hungry and as a result he was rather grumpy. Today he was totally different, he spent the whole visit smiling and mostly amusing himself with toys.

Ben had a birthday on the 23rd October .. he is now 4. We bougth him a Toy Story Scalectrix car racing game. That kept him (and Graham) busy for most of the visit.

Jessica spent her time colouring and reading.

All in all, I think we saw the best of our grandchildren today.

After lunch, we visited Chris' new house. He is rightly very proud. It is a perfect first time property for a single man, with a good sized bedroom and a good size lounge, together with a well equipped kitchen and bathroom. It was empty apart from a folding table and a couple of folding chairs. Chris is moving in about 2 weeks time. He has some painting to do first, especially in the bedroom.

We took the children to the playground at Black Dam, to get rid of some energy before they had to drive back to Birmingham. The weather was beautiful, sun shining on the autumn leaves. Ben seemed to spend all his time running from one piece of play equipment to another, so the objective was accomplished.

The Jacksons headed for Birmingham just after 4pm. Sue and I relaxed for a while and then completed the tidying up. We couldn't face cooking, so headed off to The Hatch for a very pleasant dinner.

An extra hour in bed tonight. I am not yet sure whether that is an opportunity or a threat. Tomorrow, I will tell you.