Friday 28th October, 2011

Lots about Feet .. and New Homes

  I got almost 9 hours sleep last night, something which I could not imaging a few weeks ago.

We have been waiting for the arrival of autumn and it has finally arrived and this year the mixture of colours is spectacular. The two pictures here were taken from our back garden.

This morning involved a visit to my chiropodist. I already knew that I have an infected toe, for which I had been prescribed an antibiotic. The chiropodist treated the ingrown toenail that caused the skin break which let in the infection and also dressed another toe and cracked skin on my heel which could also be the source of infections. There are times when going to someone with the right training works wonders.

Being in town, we did a little shopping and in particular, I got some some long sleeve shirts to fit my current smaller size as winter and colder weather approaches.

This afternoon we had our new tumble dryer installed, not a major task and I spent most of the time sitting at my PC working.

This evening, Sue and I went out for dinner with our two sons, Chris and John, to Pizza Hut. (Any American readers should know that Pizza Hut is a slightly up market compared to the US and cooks excellent hot and fresh pizzas).

John moved out from living with us earlier this week and seems to be very pleased with his new accommodation. For him, living at home does not work. He is an adult and does not want to really account for his movements. This is a source of constant tension, particularly with Sue, who is uncomfortable not knowing what his plans are.

Chris took possession of his new his new house today. He has agreed that we can go round to see it tomorrow, but it will be totally empty. He is giving himself two weeks to get the house ready, acquire some furniture and finally move in.