Monday/Tuesday 24th/25th October 2011

The Start of a Treatment Week

The start of another week. This week will not be quite as normal as last week, because it is treatment week.

Today and tomorrow, I intend to work.

On Wednesday, I have a blood test and check-up at the hospital, which will take all morning. I am getting to the stage now, when I want to start longer term planning, so I need to find out what happens after the sixth session of chemo.

On Thursday, I have my fourth chemotherapy session, including an Interthecal (lumbar puncture) that will take all day.

On Friday, I have an appointment with a chiropodist, which should only take about half an hour.

On Saturday, Jenny, Graham and the grandchildren are visiting.


This morning, I have been very stiff, probably because I spent virtually all of the weekend sitting down. Before lunch I went out for a 45 minute walk, which helped a lot. After lunch, I felt very tired and had a short "power nap" before returning to my PC and work for the rest of the afternoon.

I received a report from the first day of The Open Group meeting in Taipei. I was last there in 1995. This is the first Open Group quarterly conference that I have ever missed.

One swimming competition was completed yesterday. Today, I started to promote the Bluefins New Year Meet, through a flurry of e-mails to previous entrants.


I slept well and got up late, and then spent the whole day working, without venturing outside at all.

As I was doing my Bible study this evening, I paragraph leapt out at me. "When speaking to non-Christians, the most important thing we can do is point them to Jesus. Yes, they and we do need to repent (admit and say sorry for the things we have done wrong). But we will never repent until we see Jesus."