Friday 21st October, 2011

A Beautiful Day at Savill Garden


I have been getting into the habit of waking at around 6:30 and then dozing for a couple of hours. Last night, I slept solidly until almost 8:30 and amazingly did not pay for it with lots of aches. Another answer to prayer.

Another day of work, but interrupted by a trip to Savill Garden for lunch, taking advantage of the dry sunny weather. We walked around the gardens for about an hour and a quarter before having lunch. There are still lots of summer flowers and the recent warm weather seems to have stalled the arrival of autumn. Most of the trees are still green.

While I am walking around on crutches, I am beginning to become a bit of an expert on disabled toilets.

I am amazed at how badly designed some are. Superficially, a large room with plenty of room to move looks good, but the relative position of the toilet bowl, wash basin and dryer is very important. There is one disabled loo in Basingstoke Hospital where the wash basin is five paces from the toilet bowl. That means having to pick up crutches before washing hands.

I was reminded of this because the disabled loo at Savill Garden is very well designed, with everything accessible without having to use crutches.

This evening, I needed to get the computers set up for the two days of the Bluefins Championships. Although we don't start swimming until 12:30, if I sleep until 8:30 again, I won't actually have time in the morning.

I also discovered that I had a lot of entry times wrong. It was a simple problem to fix with no pressure. However, if I had to sort it out at the start of competition tomorrow, I would probably have made some mistakes.