Monday-Wednesday 10th-12th October 2011

Virtual Normality

I am at the start of another week and I hope that this blog will be more or less a diary of normality. I have no medical appointments. The only medical problems I am facing this week are disturbed sleep and swollen feet.

My plans for this week are very much based on normal activities:

  • On Monday, I plan to work.
  • On Tuesday, I plan to work. In the evening, I have a Basingstoke Bluefins Management Committee Meeting.
  • On Wednesday, I plan to work. Sue will be out in the evening.
  • On Thursday, something different. Come rain or shine, Sue and I are planning to go to Bournemouth on the train for our day out.
  • On Friday, I plan to work.
  • On Saturday, Sue and I will be driving to Sheffield, because on Sunday, I will be attending the English Inter-County Swimming Competition as President of Hampshire County ASA.


Today worked out to plan. In fact it was the first day since my diagnosis that I have worked a full day. That doesn't leave a great deal to report.

I can forsee a time when I don't have enough to say to justify daily blog entries.


Another good night's sleep and every prospect of another normal day.

The most exciting things likely to happen today are deliveries of extra-wide lace-up shoes to use on poolside at the County Teams competition at the weekend and more trousers and shorts that fit my smaller size.

I spent all morning and afternoon sitting at my PC working and, as planned, the evening at the Basingstoke Bluefins Management Committee meeting. It was refreshing to get back to talking about relatively mundane issues like personality clashes and data protection issues.


A rather disturbed night, especially on. I must have been sleeping in a funny position, because, when I got up, my hip was aching rather more than normal.

I spent the morning and most of the afternoon at my PC working. Sue and I had a quick trip into town to get a birthday card for Cathy. The afternoon was dominated by an  Open Group Architecture Forum telecon.

In the evening, I accompanied Sue to Guildford for an English Schools Swimming Association (South East Division) committee meeting. This was notable, because this was the first meeting I had been to for a long time, where no-one enquired about my health. I tried to capture some minutes from a rather chaotic meeting that skipped between topics without much reference to the published agenda.

Clive Hawkins, the rector of St. Mary's Church wanted to visit me this afternoon. Unfortunately between the scheduled telecon and having to depart for Guildford, there wasn't really time.