Saturday 8th October 2011

Swimming all Day


I had a really good night. I didn't get up until 9am.

Today has been focussed on matters relating to swimming. At no stage has anything medical got in the way.

In the morning, I completed recording the entries for the Bluefins Club Championships. Unfortunately, we forgot to take our lunch out of the freezer, so we had no choice .. we had to go out to a local pub for lunch. My appetite is back to normal, so I really enjoyed a mixed grill followed by cheesecake.

This afternoon, I had to sort out computer systems for a competition this evening and the club championships tomorrow.

At 5pm, we headed to our pool, where we have a National Arena Swimming League Premier Division competition. This is the top level of Inter-Club competition in England. Supporting Birmingham City, I am very familiar with the idea of a battle for survival in the Football Premier League. Last season was Basingstoke Bluefins first ever season in the swimming equivalent and we survived comfortably. This year we need to be wary of complacency and second season syndrome.

This evening, we welcomed 4 of the strongest clubs in the South of England to our home pool. For Bluefins, any position other than last would be good. Third is just about possible, but would represent an absolutely spectacular result.

After 26 events, Bluefins were in third position, but dropped back to 4th by the end of the competition. After a very close competition that 4th place may well ensure that Bluefins survive in the Premier League.

At the competition, several people commented on how well I am looking. That is very encouraging.