Friday 7th October 2011

Two Swimming Competitions and more Medical Consultations

I had a really good night sleep, so I am set up well for today.

Switching from crutches to a stick in the house seems to be working well.

The first thing I will be doing is attending the Basingstoke Special Schools Swimming Competition. This is a competition for school children with special needs. This is organised by one of the unsung heroes of Basingstoke Bluefins swimming club, Tony Bamberger. Tony coaches the Bluefins disabled swimmers squad, The Sharks, with, it has to be said, very little support from the "main club". Because this event is normally held on a Friday, work commitments usually prevent me attending.

While I am ill, I am able to take advantage of much less formal work arrangements and actually support this competition. I can't actually do anything useful, but I can show that I think this is important.

This was a splendid event with 40 swimmers competing. With the single exception of one swimmer who seemed to be a bit overwhelmed, all of the swimmers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and smiled virtually all of the time. The standard of swimming has improved year on year. This year Tony took a team of swimmers to the National Mencap championships and came out with excellent results.

Watching some of these youngsters put my own condition into context. Understandably, I have been very focussed on my own prognosis and mortality over the last few weeks. Some of the youngsters swimming today are pretty profoundly disabled and will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. I am 62 years old and up to now have enjoyed an active and healthy life for that time. Tonight, I need to thank God for that, not just pray for more.

After a few of hours work, this afternoon, Sue and I had a joint appointment with our GP. Sue's was a follow up to her hip X-Ray. Mine was for a medication review.

I had forgotten how hard my kidneys have to work immediately following the administration of the chemo. I have been getting lots of exercise going upstairs to the loo.

My GP commented on how well I am looking and there was good news for Sue. Her left hip is showing no sign of the wear and tear that could require surgical treatment, but she does has an inflammation, Bursitis, that is treatable either with anti-inflammatory drugs or a cortisone injection.

Back at home, entries for the upcoming Basingstoke Bluefins Club Championships closed at 8pm, after which I needed to process the entries for at least the distance events which are happening on Sunday.