Monday 3rd October 2011

Planning for a Busy Week .. and Normality

The start of another week and I had a really good night's sleep this week.

I have quite a lot of medical activity this week, leading up to the third dose of chemo on Thursday. My reports are probably getting rather boring, but short of a miracle cure where my tumours just disappear, I cannot I imagine how things could be better. All my symptoms are under control and I have not had any nasty reaction to my chemo at all. I am getting more mobile, I have more energy and life is gradually greeting back to normal. The pan from my fractured hip has diminished to the point where I have significantly reduced the amount of morphine I am taking.

So what does the coming week entail:

Today will be a quiet day. Sue and I need a very brief trip out to return a hired waistcoat to Moss Bros. Apart from that, I will be trying to get quite a lot of work done.

Tomorrow, Sue and I will be gong to Weymouth on the train, about two hours in each direction. If this works out OK, I may be able to contemplate extending the kind of work that I can do, because I would be able to get the same train to London in the other direction.

On Wednesday, I have a check-up at the hospital. Because it involves blood tests and waiting around for results, that takes about 4 hours. This is when I will find out the extent to which the treatment to date has reduced the size if my tumours.

On Thursday, I have my third (of six) session of chemotherapy. This will take all day.

On Friday, I have a short appointment with my GP to review the medication I am on (other than the chemo drugs). The GP is responsible for prescribing (and paying for) all of the drugs I am on to counter the side effects.

At the weekend, we have another swimming competition, the start of the Basingstoke Bluefins Club Championships that I need to prepare for.

Reflecting at the end of the day, today has been refreshingly normal, with very little out of the ordinary. Five hours work today, so not much time for anything else. I managed to cook dinner again tonight, which made me feel useful.