Friday 30th September 2011

Lots of Walking

Another strange night. I started in bed, but moved downstairs into a chair at around 3am, when my cough would not let me stay asleep lying down. I got a reasonable amount of rest sitting upright, but this morning, I feel really tired.

Gradually as I started to do things, the tiredness wore off.

We have a very busy day today.

For me, my first task is to visit the chiropodist to get my toenails serviced. My hip still won't let me reach down to do it myself. The ingrowing toenail that I had when I first went to the chiropodist a month ago is now fine.

Sue picked me up from the chiropodist and dropped me near the station, because we had to collect our tickets to Weymouth for next week. Basingstoke station entrance is being rebuilt, so it was much further to the self-service ticket machines than I thought.

I then walked down through the town centre to meet Sue at Starbucks. I stayed in Starbucks while Sue did some shopping and then embarked on a "hike" right across Festival Place to Nandos for lunch. I still had to walk all the way back, because we were parked near Starbucks. This was by far the longest distance I have walked since I was diagnosed.

Comet redeemed themselves somewhat today. Sue's TV had arrived and the guy we spoke to did apologise for the "mix up" yesterday. Providing that I understood the call centre operator from Virgin Media, we should be able to get the TV set up tomorrow.

I needed a short snooze when we got home, but then spent the rest of the afternoon working and then setting up yet another swimming competition, this time the Hampshire Schools Relay championships on Sunday.

I had several personal targets for work this week. By 6:15, I had achieved all of those targets.

I have had a rather better week than I expected. This was week 2 of the chemo cycle, so I expected to be very tired with little enthusiasm to do anything. The blood test did show a low blood count and a low haemoglobin level, but I have been able to motivate myself to do things. My biggest problem this week had been a rather persistent cough which has made it more difficult to sleep.

I have mentioned our neighbours with the teenage daughter with a stubborn infection that was defying treatment. Today there is some good news. Her wound is showing signs of healing and she has found someone to take over the accommodation she was contracted to at university.

She still does have a long way to go. She is still bed-ridden and the reality that she is not going to university is now dawning. So there is lots still to pray about, but at last some positive news.

Arrangements for "my" dinner tomorrow all seem to be in hand. At 9pm, we are waiting for the Jacksons to arrive. I do hope that Jessica and Ben are not going to be too frightened by my bald head. They will almost certainly have been asleep in the car.

They arrived at around 9:15. Jessica was asleep and needed to go to bed. Ben had been asleep in the car, so was quite awake and chatty. Sammy was grumpy, needing food.