Thursday 29th September 2011

CT Scan and Warm Sunshine


Yet another night when I didn't seem to need to sleep. At 3am, I gave up lying awake in bed and came downstairs.

After some time reading my Bible (I have started another study about King David based on 2 Samuel).

I did manage to doze in my chair for a while, until it was time for my early breakfast, and then for a little while after that.

I need to find out from my doctor whether not sleeping properly is a side effect of the treatment. I do also have a dry cough, but I don't think that was keeping awake.

I will be spending this morning at the hospital, preparing for and having a CT scan. I plan to go to the haematology department to talk to them abut my cough. They were planning to phone me later anyway.

We should get home around lunchtime.  It is the 29th of the month today. It is amazing how many actions I have on my action list that are due tomorrow. I need to be busy this afternoon!

There is no real concern about my cough. I just need to live with it. If it gets worse, I need to phone the ward for advice.

So down to the CT scan. In the waiting room, I have to drink about 750ml of black current squash containing a die to enhance the contrast of the scan over a 45 minute period. Happily there is a loo nearby.

Once I had finished the drink, everything else went relatively quickly. The scan itself took around 10 minutes, including getting me in the right position and setting up the machine.

I now have to wait until next Wednesday to find out what the scan actually revealed.

Lunch was a panini in Sainsbury's, after which I managed to walk quite a long way around the store, up and down aisles, a good sign that my hip is improving.

I am a great fan of word of mouth marketing, especially when customer service falls short of what can reasonably be expected.

Last week, I had a problem in Curry's with poor service and rude staff. Today it was the turn of Comet.

 On Tuesday, we ordered a new TV to be mounted on the wall in Sue's office. Comet in Basingstoke did not have the model we wanted, so they promised to arrange for one to be transferred from Reading on Wednesday. We told them we would collect it today.

When we arrived, they told us that there was a problem. They denied ever promising Wednesday. They told me that transferring stock from one store to another was done by personal efforts of the staff, not by any formal transfer process. They then said that they would not be able to get it to Basingstoke until Saturday.

Two members of staff lied to us and shouted at us.

We tried to explain that Virgin Media are coming on Saturday morning, any time after 8am, to install an HD box, and that they would need a TV set. The Comet staff were too busy shouting at us to take this message on board!

Eventually, they made arrangements to get one to Basingstoke by midday tomorrow (Friday).

Back at home, despite the lack of sleep last night, I am still feeling remarkably awake, so it is time to do some work.

 The weather today is absolutely magnificent. I broke off for a few minutes to take some photos of the flowers and trees outside our front door.

This evening I managed to cook and serve a simple dinner for the first time since my diagnosis.

After dinner, I realised that Saturday is rapidly approaching, so I needed to complete the first draft of my speech. I will probably try to speak without notes, but will have a copy of what I intend to say, in case I am not well and Sue has to deliver it on my behalf.

I think most of the other arrangements are now in place.