Tuesday 27th September 2011

Bad Night, Good Day


Two good nights in a row was too much to ask for. Last night, I woke up at around 3:15 with a coughing fit. It was obviously not going to stop lying down in bed, so I went downstairs for a while, to relax sitting up in a chair. It did have an immediate impact. I more or less stopped coughing as soon as I got downstairs, but I was wide awake.

My wedge pillow was delivered today, so hopefully that will help keep in the right position to minimise coughing tonight. I don't have a high temperature, so the doctors are not too worried.

In my prayers last night, I remembered that I had not gone to church on Sunday (because we had a swimming competition), and I asked God to help me remember that my life is in his hands. While I was awake, I spent some time reading the bible and looked at the story of Jacob in the Old Testament, where it was clear that God had a plan for Jacob throughout his life. This was the next study in a series that I am following.

When I went back to bed, I was able to get to sleep without a problem.

I have very little in the diary for today. One TOGAF teleconference this afternoon (which in fact got moved to tomorrow) and no medical appointments. I should be able to focus a lot of my time on work, but the mouse on my PC has jammed, so I will need to go out and get another one.

I got the telephone call I was expecting from the hospital. My blood count and haemoglobin counts are low, so I need to take some drugs to counteract and I am allowed to be tired and washed out. Actually, today, I don't feel too bad.

I drove myself to PC World to get a new mouse. I don't think Sue is totally confident that I am fit enough to do that, so she came with. We did a little bit of other shopping and finished up at the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch. On getting home, I was very tired, so an early afternoon snooze was called for, when I had sorted out my lunchtime medications and checked my blood sugar.

A short walk in the beautiful sunshine gave me some energy. The rest of the day was a mix between working at my PC and sitting with my feet up.

I used one of the periods of relaxation to complete the personal bible study series looking at the story of Jacob from the book as Genesis. At the conclusion of the series we see how God set out his plan for Jacob and his family and delivered on the plan. I took a major personal lesson. God has a plan for me and I can trust him to deliver on that plan for me.