Monday 26th September 2011


I had the best night's sleep for ages, only having to get up twice and managing more than 3 hours uninterrupted at one stage.

Today, I have to go to the hospital for a blood test. On the basis of this, I will be told how much medication I need to take to restore my blood count to the right level for the next round of chemo next week.

My hip feels so much better that I am going to reduce the dosage of slow release morphine I am taking. If it starts to hurt too much, I do have some fast acting liquid morphine I can take, but that does make me very drowsy.

After the weekend, one of our tasks is to arrange balloons for my dinner this weekend. We will probably do that on the way back from hospital.

Plan A was to go early to the pathology department to beat the queue. We didn't make that, but when we got there, there were only 10 people ahead of me in the queue, so it shouldn't take too long. Including coffee at Costa, we were at the hospital for around 90 minutes - not too long.

Sorting out balloons did not take too long either. They will be delivered to the venue of my dinner on Saturday afternoon.

I have spent the whole of the afternoon at my computer working, without problem. I am expecting a phone call from the hospital. Looks like that won't happen until tomorrow now. No sign of the wedge pillow I ordered last Thursday, but the retailer did explain that their next day guarantee only applies to mattresses. I checked their web site and I did misread it.

I did break off briefly to do an inventory of the pills and potions I have to take. I needed to reorder 6 different items (out of 22 different drugs I have). 10 of the items are just in case items, which I am not currently using. I have 5 different pills too counteract nausea, for example.

Tiredness did set in after dinner, and I did resort to dozing off in front of the TV.

I have had no problem at all with my hip, so I will continue on reduced morphine over night.