Monday 19th September 2011

Mostly Working

Best wishes from staff at The Open Group:


I had another reasonable night. I did have to get up 4 times in the night as my kidneys worked hard to remove the waste from the cell wars going on inside my body.

One of our near neighbours keeps one or more chickens, I am not sure how many. I am not convinced that keeping chickens in a garden in a housing estate is a very neighbourly activity. At 3am, this morning, oblivious to the fact that "cock-crow" was almost 4 hours away at this time of year, this bird was keeping up a continuous crowing. I find the normal dawn chorus of birds quite soothing. The raucous cock-a-doodle-doo of this bird is a very different sound entirely.

Once again, we are planning to have a normal day. I am planning to work for as much of the day as I am able. Sue is continuing to prepare for the Schools Swimming Championships at the weekend and will be going to the club swimming lessons late this afternoon.

I managed 3½ hours working at my PC, which left me aching a little. I don't know how long I will manage this afternoon. I am gradually arranging things, so that I can do more things on my tablet, which means that I don't have to sit at my PC. However, I was able to spend another 2 hours at my PC after lunch, including a brief telecon which enabled me to contact a number of my business colleagues.

It a long time since we had dogs. However, I am now finding a problem that dates back to that time. I am currently feeling the cold, especially in the small of my back. When one of our Labradors was a puppy, she crashed into the door between my office and the rest of the house, leaving a hole in a plastic panel. We never got it fixed, because we thought she would probably do it again. Now there is a draught through the hole. Anyone know a good tradesman, who can fit new doors? (If we get that one replaced, we will probably do a few more, which are in poor condition.)

A couple of weeks ago "Your friends from Southampton Diving Academy" sent me an orchid. Today, the plant burst forth into flower. It looks as if this will last for weeks. Thank you SDA.

Tomorrow, we are planning to visit my father, who lives just North of Birmingham. Before I go to bed, I need to collect together all the medication I have to take with me.