Saturday 17th September 2011

Elephants in  the Night and a new DJ


A really good night. I only had to get up 3 times in the night and got back to sleep very quickly every time.

Getting up in the night is quite a complex process. First of all, I need to grab my crutches. Getting to the loo is no problem. My eyes are accustomed to the dark, so I can see my way. Hygiene factors mean that I do need to switch on the light in the loo.

Every time, I start to go back to the bedroom, my eyes are caught by a canvas poster print of elephants on the wall part way down our stairs, which is highlighted by light streaming out of the loo. I am proud of that picture. I took the photo when Sue and I visited the Kruger National Park in South Africa in 2007. I often stand for half a minute or so, just looking at the elephants.

When I turn the light off in the loo, I have to stand for another half a minute or so to allow my eyes to adjust back to the dark, so that I can make it back to bed without crashing in to something and waking Sue.

Good news is that I seem to have adjusted the doses of laxative to sort out the constipation and retained wind I had at the beginning of the week. I could do with moving from 6 to 5 on the Bristol scale (Google it, if you must), but I am not really complaining.

Today should be a relatively normal Saturday. In the morning, Sue is out at the club swimming lessons. Later on, there will be football on the TV and probably a lazy night in front of the TV. At some stage, we need to brave the town centre to arrange a DJ for the upcoming formal dinners.

I had a really good morning, doing about 2½ hours of **work**.

Moss Bros was interesting. I have 2 formal dinners in 2 weeks. The difference in cost between hiring a DJ for 2 different occasions and buying one was only £20, and I do have another formal dinner planned in November. I am betting £20 that I will not put so much weight on between now and November that it won't fit.

So I am now the proud owner of a new DJ, with all the trimmings, that is significantly smaller than the one hanging in my cupboard.

This morning was beautiful, lots of sun. This afternoon, walking around town, we have had to dodge some really heavy showers. Eventually, I retreated to Starbucks, while Sue returns some black shoes that don't fit to Marks and Spencer and goes in search of a largish box with a lid for me to keep all my medication in. I currently have lots of boxes of pills balanced on a tray and manage to drop something on the floor every time I move it.