Tuesday 13th September 2011

A Mixed Day
  I had a really good night.

The pain I had yesterday came as a reminder that I am ill and have a complicated combination of symptoms. I think I was getting too complacent. As far as I can tell, the problem was associated with sitting in an upright position, bent at the waist and putting some pressure on my lower abdomen. Exactly the position I get into when I sit at my computer.

However, I am still able to thank God for the progress over the last 2 weeks. I am sure that my hip is healing. I have a lot less pain. Being more mobile is helping my general health. People are telling me that I look a lot better. I am eating better and have put some weight back on. I do need to be careful not to put ALL the weight I lost back on. My current weight is much healthier than I was.

What little hair I have left after the number 2 last week is now coming out. Looking down, I can see several stubbly hairs on the screen of my tablet. I will need some head polish in a couple of days.

After yesterday, I am a little reluctant to go back to my PC, but there are some things, I just cannot do on this tablet. So, I am going to see whether I can manage about an hour now on AtE business.

Before lunch, I managed about 90 minutes; after lunch, I joined a telecon for an hour, after which, I needed to move.

Rediscovering music that I haven't listened to in many years is proving to be a real delight. Digitising old photographs makes them accessible. Similarly, collecting together music from boxes all around the house and putting it onto a server with a directory structure makes the music much more accessible.

I have just played some Bob Dylan. I had forgotten the quality of his poetry and lyrics. This project was started just before I discovered I have cancer, but in the future, I am sure, I will associate the two, because much of the ripping of CDs has happened in the last 3 weeks, when I needed something relatively mundane to keep me occupied, when anything more taxing needed more concentration than I could muster.

After last weekend, when getting repeat prescriptions for medications proved to be challenging, I have worked out that Tuesday is the best day to do a count, to make sure that I can get more before the weekend.

After an hour at my PC, I started to get some pain across my lower back (caused by "retained wind"). I tried to go back to my PC later, but only lasted a few minutes. It looks like I am going to have to relax and do not very much for the rest of the day.

I do have a check-up tomorrow, so will be able to ask about the problem.