Monday 12th September 2011

Lots of Wind

  Up bright and early this morning, for a 9am hospital appointment.

Last night was disturbed -- I was not in any pain, just could not sleep, but that doesn't really matter. If necessary, I can rest during the day.

When Jenny came to visit at the weekend, she brought paintings with her from Jessica and Ben. Jessica painted a clown "to cheer me up". Ben is only 3. His painting is much more "abstract". I got round to putting them on the wall of my office today.

As expected today's appointment was more or less a waste of time. It was just one of the surgeons confirming that I am now in the hands of the haematology department and that they did not plan any follow up. There was a reference to the mass on my liver. That has not been mentioned since my revised diagnosis. In retrospect, I should have asked about this. I must remember to ask when I come for my next check up on Wednesday.

I have a busy day in prospect, with an AtE telecon at 2:30. Clive Hawkins is coming round at 4pm and this evening, I have a Hampshire County ASA Management Meeting. In between these, I have promised Andy Turner that I will be doing some work. Not much time for sleeping, so may well be tired enough to sleep better tonight.

On the way back home from the hospital, we stopped briefly at Sainsbury's to get some food for lunch. For the first time since my diagnosis, I decided to walk around the store, rather than sitting in the cafe, reflecting the general improvement in my hip. While Sue sorted out food, I raided the CD rack and picked up 4 CDs at £3 to replace vinyl records.

Back at home, my PC was very stubborn. It failed several times during boot up. I probably have to spend some time trying to sort that out, but for the time being it has booted and I can get on with my day.

I went through a bad patch just after lunch. It looks as if my constipation is back. For a period of about 90 minutes, it was very painful and I got "bloated" with wind that I could not shift. Eventually something moved and I got some relief. So I think it is back to all the laxatives and all that entails. I had intended to do work this afternoon, this got in the way.

The rector of St. Mary's, Clive Hawkins, came round to talk and pray with me. Last time he visited, it was just after my first diagnosis. He prayed, among other things, that Sue and I would enjoy a long life together. The change in diagnosis can certainly be seen as an answer to prayer.

Today, we talked about the change in diagnosis and the impact on my Christian Faith. In prayer, he praised God for the new diagnosis and the improvement in my condition, and asked for continued progress. He also prayed for my Christian Witness via this blog and for Sue. It was a good visit and helped me in my efforts to build a stronger daily relationship with God.

In the evening, Sue picked me up for the Hampshire County ASA meeting. The first three quarters of an hour were fine. However, a combination of discomfort/pain across my lower back and an uncomfortable chair made the meeting really hard. I did not get any relief until I got home and sat in a comfortable chair. I still have a problem getting my digestive system functioning without discomfort.

Several members of the committee told me that they are reading this blog. One member, who works with teenagers, asked me for permission to use the blog with the children. Very encouraging.