Saturday 10th September 2011

A Visit from the Jacksons


Not a great night, I spent a lot of time awake, but a great morning. When I got out of bed, I realised that for the first time in months, I was completely free of pain and that 11 hours after the last pain killer.

Today, I have a visit from Jenny to look forward to. She and Graham can tell us all about their trip to New Zealand. I will have the opportunity to show Jenny how well I am compared to the last time she saw me in Center Parcs.

This morning, it is very much back to normality. I have a swimming competition to prepare for.

Yesterday, I started a new phase of my music server project. I have a lot of vinyl LPs (more than 200). My original plan was to digitise these, but many of them are in poor condition with scratches. I have decided to replace my favourites with CDs or downloads. I have given myself a quota of 3 or 4 per week depending on cost.

The Jacksons arrived at 2pm (Graham, Jenny and Sammy). Sammy, aged 7 months, was quite demanding. I am not sure whether he needed food, sleep or to play.

Mid afternoon, we decided to go out for a walk. We walked up Camrose Way, down Hackwood Road, along Grove Road and back through the footpath opposite the Texaco Garage. For me this was a long walk. For the others, it was slow going, but Sammy was quiet and everyone had an opportunity to chat. Chris came and met us half way.

Once we got back, Jenny and Graham told us about their trip to New Zealand and showed us lots of beautiful photographs via our HD TV. The South Island of New Zealand is simply stunning. They had a variety of weather, including snow.

We all went to The Hatch for dinner, before the Jacksons set off home around 7:30.

Obviously, there was a lot of discussion about my illness, but it didn't dominate the day. Jenny admitted that she thought I had cancer when she saw me in Center Parks.

I like to think that Jenny left with a very positive impression of my current state of health.