Thursday 8th September, 2011

About tablets and relief
  A really good night. I only had to get up 3 times and I stayed in bed until 8:30. As a result, when I did get up, I felt exhausted and my hip was very stiff.

A plan for today. Sue has been having problems with her tablet computer. It is based on an early version of Android. I have persuaded her to get a new one, so that will be a mission for later this morning. She will have to decide whether she wants a 7" screen like her old one, or one a little bit bigger.

Before, I can do much, I need to relax for a while, until the morning painkillers kick in.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been struck by two things.

(1) The number of people I know who are Christians, and I had no idea! For these people, I have a message. Don't be ashamed of your Faith.

(2) The number of people who write to me and say, I am not religious, but it is great to see how much comfort you get from your Faith. For these people, I also have a message. God is always there. When you need comfort, all you have to do is ask God and he will come to you.

My morning exercise became walking around PC World, Staples and Curry's (Anyone remember when Curry's was just a bike shop? The first Curry's I encountered in my youth just sold bikes) looking at tablet PCs. I wanted Android 3.0 at least and that ruled out almost everything on sale, and I did not want an I-Pad.

Eventually, we settled on another Motorola Xoom, just like the one I am using to create this blog. Set up was virtually automatic, based around a Google account. Within 30 minutes, Sue's new tablet was fully operational.

After lunch came a challenge. The first Granocyte injection, to boost my blood count, was administered by a nurse in hospital yesterday. I have to prepare and administer the second one myself. Actually it is not difficult, but the pictorial instructions involve 11 steps, a brown needle, a cream needle, some powder and a solvent.

The instructions reminded me of the kind of thing we used to get to "help" us assemble flat pack furniture from MFI. The third and last jab tomorrow will not take anywhere near as long.

For my afternoon exercise, I proved that I could make it as far as our local co-op shop at the filling station on Grove Road. If I can actually get out to some small items of shopping, I will feel much more useful. I gave myself a reward ... CHOCOLATE. On this walk, I realised that the cramp I am feeling in my fingers is due to unusual use of muscles when using crutches.

Break out the champagne! In response to prayer and more medication, the 9 day log jam in my digestive system has been broken. Instantly, I am much more comfortable.